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      DL Z102 jelly glue

      Jelly gum is a new kind of environmental protection adhesive, which is made from natural gelatin and is mainly made from industrial gelatin (an animal glue, namely hot sol). When using, the water is used as the solvent, and the SGS is detected safely. The utility model is nontoxic and harmless. Excellent adhesive properties, delicate fragrance, processed products will not be brittle, deformed, moldy, blistering and so on.
      Appearance: bluish or light yellow condensed
      Solid content: 67% + 2%
      PH value: 6 + 1
      Softening point: more than 45 DEG C
      1., mainly suitable for semi-automatic gift boxes, cartons, stationery and other processing
      2. can be used for coated paper, leather, non-woven and other bonding thickening